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Notes from #ONOERlibrarians day @ Ryerson University

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Last Thursday, March 30, my boss, coworker and I attend the first (hopefully annual!) Ontario OER Librarian day conference held at Ryerson University in Toronto. This was an extremely exciting opportunity for my coworker Melanie and I because we’d never been invited to represent our library at a conference before. I was especially¬†enthusiastic¬†about this conference in particular because the entire open movement (creative commons copyright licenses, open access, open education, open educational resources, open source etc.) is something I’ve been interested in for years now and I have been wanting to learn more about it and get more involved in it. It was an amazing day, the energy of the conference was great and I really learned a lot. I’ve truly been inspired by all of the sessions and I’m eager to continue working with the whole group to help grow the use of OERs in Ontario’s post-secondary institutions.

Since I needed to type up all of my notes from the event anyway for work, I thought I could also publish them here as well.

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